NWHCMUD No. 5 Trail System

The design team worked with Northwest Harris County MUD No. 5 to develop a multi-use trail system to connect the district’s neighborhoods to existing parks and trails. The trail system extends more than five miles and connects ten subdivisions.
Large portions of the trail system were designed along drainageways and detention basins, and major roadways within the district created challenges to pedestrian circulation.

To facilitate safe access and increase connectivity, multiple strategies were utilized. The design team worked with Harris County to approve multiple mid-block crossings throughout the trail system including ADA compliant ramps, signage, and striping. A 135’ undercrossing was excavated along Faulkey Gully for pedestrians to safely traverse Spring Cypress Road, which is a heavily traveled major thoroughfare. Three 8’ wide pedestrian bridges over various facilities along the trail route provide greater connectivity across creeks and drainage channels.

A custom logo and district branding initiative gave this trail network a unique identity within the area. Wayfinding signage along with benches, trash receptacles, and a shade trellis are featured. Seating nodes and trailheads were strategically placed to provide frequent points of rest and orientation for users.

LOCATION: Cypress, Texas
SIZE: 5+ Miles
SERVICES: Master Planning through Construction Administration
HIGHLIGHTS: Multi-use Trail System. Connectivity. Pedestrian Bridges. Seating Nodes. Wayfinding Signage.
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