NWHCMUD No. 5 Trail System

Northwest Harris County MUD No. 5 wanted to create more connectivity within their district to link to adjacent neighborhoods, as well as existing parks and trails in the area. After developing a Master Trails Plan, the district is now constructing Phase 1, which includes over five miles of trails.

Clark Condon worked with NWHCMUD No. 5 to design a multi-use trail system to connect the District’s neighborhoods to existing parks and trails. The trail system extends more than 5 miles and connects 10 subdivisions. The concrete trail width varies from five feet to eight feet wide depending on the location and existing conditions. Three pedestrian bridges, including one over Faulkey Gully, will provide greater connectivity across creeks and drainage channels. Wayfinding signage along with benches, trash receptacles, and a shade trellis will be installed.

LOCATION: Cypress, Texas
SIZE: 5+ Miles
SERVICES: Master Planning through Construction Administration
HIGHLIGHTS: Multi-use Trail System. Connectivity. Pedestrian Bridges. Seating Nodes. Wayfinding Signage.
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