Greens Bayou

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As part of Bayou Greenways 2020, a $220 million public-private effort to distribute parkland equitably to neighborhoods throughout Houston, Clark Condon worked with the Houston Parks Board on the Lower Greens Bayou Segments. The project began with a study to identify ways to improve connectivity to public facilities, residential neighborhoods and parkland, greatly expanding connections in the region. The study elicited the development of a system of trails within a linear park including paved running/biking trails, secondary informal nature trails and paddling trails, a bridge for access, increased forest cover and restoration of understory ecosystems. The Greens Bayou Trail established connectivity between the north and south sides of Halls Bayou via a 460-linear foot bridge. The concrete trail connects to the bridge and winds through a mature forest. There are also three kayak launches to provide safe and accessible paths to the water. From design through construction, all parties ensured the project minimized disturbance and protected this valuable landscape.

Watch our video featuring our bayou contributions here.

This project has received recognition from the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: The Houston Parks Board
SIZE: 4 Miles
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Improved Connectivity to Public Facilities, Residential Areas and Park Land. Linear Park. Paved Running + Biking Trails. Paddling Trails. Nature Trails. Bank Stabilization. Critical Support of Ecosystems.
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