Juan Seguin Park

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Juan Seguin Park is located in La Porte, Texas at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and the San Jacinto River, and just two miles from the historic San Jacinto Battleground site. In order to capture the compelling history and historical significance of Juan Seguin, Clark Condon collaborated to re-imagine a former construction spoil site into a regional education destination.

The park also has features that pay homage to the area’s rich history including old San Jacinto Town, the Houston Ship Channel and the Lynchburg Ferry. Weathered, life-size steel graphics are located throughout the park telling stories in a three-dimensional way. A patriotic-themed playground is positioned on a large-scale mariner’s compass designed into the ground covering.

Picnic tables and shade sails among the native grasses, trees and boulders, provide shaded seating with unrestricted views of the ship channel and the passing maritime vessels. Additionally, there’s a curved boardwalk overlooking the ship channel. A large, open pavilion offers shade and seating. A custom floor inlay of etched granite outlines the configuration of the ship channel and various landmarks stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the City of Houston and Port of Houston.

Drone imagery courtesy of Harris County Precinct 2.

Juan Seguin Park has won the following awards:

  • 2018 H-GAC Parks and Natural Areas Awards, Special Recognition for On-the-Ground projects over $500,000

This project has been featured in the following publications:

LOCATION: La Porte, Texas
CLIENT: Harris County Precinct 2
SIZE: 6 Acres
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Regional Park on Houston Ship Channel. Historic-Themed Park. Former Construction Spoil Site. Life-Size Steel Graphics. Playground. Large, Open-Air Pavilion with Custom Granite Inlay. Picnic Areas. Open Space. Native Grasses + Plantings. Boardwalk. Amphitheater. Walking Trails.
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