In the historic Hampton Battery area lies Fort Crockett Park on Galveston’s Seawall. An iconic and historic place to the area, the park was in need of some updates to create an urban space. We used native plantings, benches, picnic tables, shade and special plaques that tell the story of the seawall, the fort and Galveston’s record of surviving storms. Our team’s concept starts just west of 45th Street, in the historic Hampton Battery area, and stretches west almost to 51st Street, stopping at what is known as the Izard Battery. The battery areas, which jut out toward the surf, are part of the original military installations at Fort Crockett. Enhancements to the historic seawall park were funded with a $1 million donation from snack-food maker Frito-Lay.

LOCATION: Galveston, Texas
CLIENT: Eubanks Group
SIZE: .5 Acres
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Park Space. Native Plantings. Benches. Picnic Tables. Shade. Memorial Plaques.
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