Sam Houston Park

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Clark Condon worked with The City of Houston, The Heritage Society and The Houston Parks Department to prepare a Master Plan for this significant downtown urban and historic park. Sam Houston Park, located between City Hall and Buffalo Bayou, is a well-known, living history public space with wide-open lawns, historic structures and mature oak trees.

Our task as part of the Master Plan was to respect the existing historic structures, statues and trees but to rethink the overall layout to be better utilized for modern day activities including festivals, weddings, tours and casual park usage. The project goals also addressed better connectivity to bayou trails and city sidewalks. This park is truly a bridge connecting the city grid to the bayou system.

The final implementation of the construction phase brought the Master Plan to life. Circulation and layout were improved for casual park use as well as festivals and events. Also, due to the park’s proximity to Buffalo Bayou, parts of the site are subject to periodic flooding. Therefore, it was critical for the design to address the issue and ensure minimal damage to the park and its amenities during flood events. Several historic structures were moved within the site to create a more “town-like” feel for the park. Over time, multiple pieces of art had been haphazardly located around the park. We integrated them into the design to give the placement of those pieces more meaning and purpose.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: The City of Houston
SIZE: 20 Acres
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Significant Urban Park. Living History Public Space. Large Event Lawns. Historic Structures. Improved Connectivity to Trails and City Sidewalks. Enhanced Signage.
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