Liberty Square Park

Liberty Square Park is in the heart of a planned traditional neighborhood within The Woodlands Village called Creekside. The design intent was to create a traditional “town green” park for the community. A place where the community can gather, celebrate, and relax. We based the design on some historic town greens in New England and layered in stories about the various meanings and references to “Liberty and America.” Throughout the design, there are numerous symbols and interpretive graphics celebrating the early American principles. The gates are adorned with bald eagles; the sidewalks contain stars representing each state; and inspirational sayings are inscribed along the walkways. The park is organized around a central, traditional pavilion.

LOCATION: The Woodlands, Texas
CLIENT: The Woodlands Development Company
SIZE: 1.75 Acres
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Neighborhood Park. Decorative Open-Air Pavilion. Large Plaza. Lush Plantings.
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