Houston Botanic Garden

Clark Condon was an integral part of the design team for the Houston Botanic Garden, a 120-acre site with educational opportunities, event and gathering spaces, and places for reflection. Bordered by Sims Bayou, the gardens incorporate Houston’s waterways and complement the natural landscape of the site. The Global Collection and Culinary Gardens showcase diverse plantings from around the world and educate visitors on edible plants as well as those with medicinal and healing properties. Families can experience nature within the interactive Discovery Garden which offers exploration opportunities among the aquatic and vibrant rainbow gardens. The Stormwater Wetlands highlight the importance of green infrastructure and its ability to mitigate flooding while creating habitat, and the Coastal Prairie promotes the conservation of native species and wildlife. Through engaging and interactive programming, the gardens are a destination filled with serenity, education, and immersion into an extensive biodiversity of plants.

CLIENT: Houston Botanic Garden
SIZE: 120 acres
SERVICES: Master Planning through Construction Administration
HIGHLIGHTS: Planting Design. Gardens. Educational Elements. Interactive Programming.
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