Connecting Houstonians with a Ribbon through the Woods

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Our mission at Clark Condon has always been to have an impact where we live. 

As part of Bayou Greenways 2020, a $220 million public-private effort to distribute parkland equitably to neighborhoods throughout Houston, Clark Condon worked with the Houston Parks Board on both Greens Bayou and Halls Bayou.

Greens Bayou

The project began with a study to identify ways to improve connectivity to public facilities, residential neighborhoods and parkland, greatly expanding connections in the region. The study elicited the development of a system of trails within a linear park including paved running/biking trails, secondary informal nature trails and paddling trails, a bridge for access, increased forest cover and restoration of understory ecosystems. From design through construction, all parties ensured the project minimized disturbance and protected this valuable landscape.

Halls Bayou

A largely unstructured bayou system, Halls Bayou stretches approximately 16 miles north to the northeast side of Houston and represents a unique open space set within a metropolitan city. The proposed greenway is 6 miles in length and connects to existing trails, creating a continuous greenway stretching 12 miles. Along its length, the Halls Bayou Greenway connects a number of neighborhoods, schools, community centers, churches, and commercial areas. Halls Bayou is a major attraction for the local community and provides recreational opportunities for local residents, as well as citizens of the greater Houston area.

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