Coyote Park at La Cantera

Clark Condon began this project with master planning for a 22-acre destination community park in the heart of the La Cantera development in San Antonio, Texas. We have had the pleasure of working on numerous phases of La Cantera over the years.

Coyote Park, a recently completed 7.5-acre dog park, is predicted to be one of the largest in the San Antonio area. The design cleared invasive understory to expose signature live oaks throughout the park. These oaks provide the framework for the overall design, as well as shade, comfort, and aesthetics. The planting design includes native and arid species to reflect the climate and landscape found throughout this region. The amenities include a dog agility course, walking trails, seating nodes, dog wash stations, and play mounds. The walking trails link to the existing Leon Creek Trail System and nearby La Cantera Town Center.

LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas
SIZE: 7.5 acres
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Destination Park. Dog Park. Agility Training. Dog Wash Station. Planting Design. Tree Preservation. Trails.
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