Celebration Park

Starting with a largely open 100-acre site, Clark Condon collaborated with the City of Allen to design a landmark park. The idea and inspiration came from one program objective: to create a festival site. That evolved into the design of fanciful, iconic sail structures made of steel and soaring tensile fabric and brightly painted walls.

The balance of the program includes 15 soccer fields, a baseball four-plex, restrooms, concessions and a large “tent-like” pavilion poised at the edge of a small lake, and “Kidmania,” a state of the art playground and sprayground.

Designated a legacy project for Clark Condon, Celebration Park is still widely used today and the City of Allen has praised our firm repeatedly for our efforts.

LOCATION: Allen, Texas
CLIENT: City of Allen
SIZE: 100 Acres
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Landmark Park. Festival Site. Sports Fields. Pavilion. Playground. Sprayground.
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