Wellborn Grade Separation / Underpass Texas A&M University

Wellborn Road and Old Main Drive were one of the most congested intersections on the Texas A & M Campus. Coupled with a busy Union Pacific rail line that runs parallel to Welborn Road, the intersection was a barrier for commuters, pedestrians, and campus transit vehicles to get from one side of campus to the other. Working closely with civil engineers and urban planners, Clark Condon helped develop a solution that would take pedestrians, cyclists, and campus transit beneath Wellborn Road and the railroad tracks while also allowing surface circulation. In doing so, we maintained the iconic relationship of Old Main Drive with the historic, eastern side of campus and Albritton Bell Tower. Clark Condon collaborated with the design to determine hardscape layout and materials, lighting design, grading, and drainage strategies as well as documenting the planting and irrigation design.

LOCATION: College Station, Texas
SIZE: 12 Acres, 3/4 Mile
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Pedestrian-Oriented Safe Crossing. Pedestrian Circulation. Streetscape Design. Tree Protection. Plantings
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