Pearland | Lower Kirby

In 2012, the Pearland Economic Development Corporation, along with local partners in government, education, healthcare and businesses, embarked upon a long-term strategic community and economic planning process to create a shared vision for the community’s future growth and an action plan that resulted in the Pearland 20/20 Strategic Plan. Many initiatives were identified in this plan, including a desire to focus on city identity for Pearland. Specifically, the city aimed to create iconic and visually appealing gateways and to create a mixed-use employment, residential and entertainment district in the Lower Kirby Urban Center.

Clark Condon worked with the city and the committee established for the 20/20 Strategic Plan through several workshops to design a gateway and streetscape for the District in order to create a unifying image. The Lower Kirby District has its own signature branding, while keeping with the same underlying tone for the City of Pearland, which Clark Condon also developed. Similar to the city markers, the vertical markers have a minimal footprint to maximize impact. The materials selected set a classic and timeless feel for the District. A stone base, the pear mesh cutout and Pearland graphic letters reinforce the District’s unity with the City of Pearland. The monument conveys a high level of sophistication to its businesses, residents, and visitors.

LOCATION: Pearland, Texas
CLIENT: Pearland Economic Development Corporation
SIZE: 1.25 Miles
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Streetscapes. Monumentation. Medians. Planting
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