City of Pearland Landscape Master Plan and Branding

As part of The City of Pearland’s 20/20 Strategic Plan, high priority was given to enhancing aesthetics in order to sustain its economic prosperity, particularly at key entry points into the city. Working with the Pearland Economic Development Corporation, Clark Condon developed a Beautification Strategy Study identifying potential locations and options to help the City of Pearland meet their development goals. We designed gateways into the city that will become unique identifiers featuring sculptures and free-standing entry markers along major thoroughfares.
Clark Condon also developed a Master Improvements Plan for the beautification of key intersections along the 288 corridor. As part of the scope, we were tasked with providing a Streetscape Landscape Evaluation, updating maintenance specifications, and recommending future improvements.
Additionally, we designed landscape improvements for SH 35 from Beltway 8 to Walnut Street to enhance the overall character of this major thoroughfare. The Pearland monuments have been installed at several key entry points to the city and provide a welcoming aesthetic along the roadway.

LOCATION: Pearland, Texas
CLIENT: Pearland Economic Development Corporation
SIZE: 3 Miles
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Iconic Gateway Markers. Streetscapes. Planting.
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