Main Street Improvements

Main Street is the heart of any downtown. Houston’s Downtown is quickly transforming and Main Street needed to change with it. Clark Condon worked with the Downtown Management District to refresh Main Street so it would meet the needs of the evolving Downtown. This evolution included an increase in residential, hotel and corporate development. Main Street transects four unique districts of Downtown and the improvements responded to the character of each of these. The four unique districts transition along Main Street starting with the urban residential area of Southern Downtown to the destination of Main Street Square, continuing on to the commuter transit hub of Central Station, and finally to the old town feel of the Historic District. Some blocks required a complete renovation while other blocks have minimal changes. New lighting and landscaping provided a fresher look for Main Street throughout.
Additional benefits of the project included a better pedestrian atmosphere with shade, art, lighting components and improved access to transit.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: Houston Downtown Management District
SIZE: 1 Mile
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Refresh of Major Downtown Corridor. Transects Four Unique Districts. Lighting. Landscaping. Shade. Art. Improved Access to Transit + Pedestrian Atmosphere.
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