Dallas Street

The City of Houston continues to grow and change. Downtown is evolving and becoming home to more businesses, residents, venues and parks. A critical missing piece was an iconic shopping district with local and national retailers, restaurants and hotels. Clark Condon worked with the Houston Downtown Management District and AECOM to envision Dallas Street from Milam to La Branch as a destination within the heart of this emerging shopping district. Through planning with multiple stakeholders, the Dallas corridor was to become a pedestrian-friendly district with less emphasis on vehicles. To achieve this, one lane of traffic was removed to increase sidewalk areas. That allowed the design to include trees, signature paving, custom lighting and plantings. This all came together to create a new east-to-west corridor in downtown. Project partners included the Houston Downtown Management District, Downtown Redevelopment Authority, the Mayor’s Downtown Retail Task Force and various downtown business owners. The project needed to be complete in time for Super Bowl LI and was completed on time.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: Houston Downtown Management District + AECOM
SIZE: 3/4 Miles
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Transformation of Downtown Corridor to Iconic Shopping District. Pedestrian-Friendly. Enhanced Streetscapes. Street Trees. Signature Paving. Custom Lighting. Plantings.
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