Christ Church Cathedral

In 1839, Christ Church was a small parish situated in the middle of a tiny, swampy settlement town. Today, Christ Church Cathedral rests in the heart of what has become Downtown Houston. In 2007, a full block adjacent to the historic site was renovated and adapted for mixed-use. Part of this effort created a quarter-block open space called Nancy’s Garden which has many welcoming amenities including, a water feature, shade structures, seating, gardens, and an open courtyard. Clark Condon designed this special place which has significantly thrived, and, although it is surrounded by a hurried urban setting, people can stop there to rest and peacefully reflect.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
SIZE: 1.5 Acres
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Renovated Historic Site. Garden. Water Feature. Shade Structures. Seating. Open Courtyard.
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