Bridgepoint Bible Church

After preparing a master plan, our scope of design services included enhancing the front entrance, pathways, creating a multi-purpose courtyard and adding a play area for older children. The courtyard design echoes the contemporary angular design of the building. The materials are continued from the interior of the fellowship hall to the exterior creating a cohesive gathering place that extends outdoors for events. The water feature is surrounded by steps that allow it to be used as a stage. The fountain contains movable grates to also serve as a baptismal. The four windows in the water feature represent the church’s values including life change, relationships, grace and missions. The new play area has a three-story tower that allows children to be among all of the tall foliage. There are many boulders placed along the sides encouraging kids to interact and climb within the landscape. Some of the interesting details of the project include the materials, the use of native and adaptive species, reforestation, night lighting, pathways that serve both as amenities and secure exits, parking lots and many considerations for future expansions.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: Bridgepoint Bible Church
SIZE: 10 Acres
SERVICES: Master Planning through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Enhanced Front Entrance. Courtyard. Playground. Water Feature. Native + Adaptive Species. Reforestation. Lighting.
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