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FMC Technology Generation Park

At its core, the landscape design for TechnipFMC’s 175-acre site sets out to provide a unifying tapestry that pulls together the buildings and site elements throughout the entire campus. The tapestry is illustrated as striations of softscape and hardscape that reinforce the built forms and is a counterbalance to the strong form of the diagonal pipeline easement. The striations will be articulated through bands of trees, shrubs and grasses to provide a variety of height, color and texture at the visibly prominent areas of the campus. This underlying theme will provide an organizing structure for motor-courts, plazas, courtyards and connecting walkways. Juxtaposed against this pattern the diagonal pipeline easement is treated as a meandering natural green space bounded by curving jogging trails. The landscape/hardscape draws people out of their offices and manufacturing facilities to enjoy the environment and is within walking distance to a planned adjacent mixed-use development.