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Alongside Lincoln Property Company and Ziegler Cooper Architects, Clark Condon transformed 70,000 square feet of the former Exxon Mobil Campus into a vibrant retail corridor, dubbed CityNorth. The extensive landscape improvements include expanded public green space, outdoor lounge areas and flexible event lawns. Outdoor work-enabled spaces provide campus tenants with areas for mobile work, remote meetings and group presentations. The revamped dining opportunities feature dining terraces and water features to enhance the user experience and activate the campus during and after business hours.

We worked closely with the client and contractor to utilize as many of the large, existing trees on site as possible to provide an instant impact. Useable spaces were created by removing a lane of traffic and parking. By reclaiming this space, the design team was able to activate approximately 1,000 linear feet of storefront and provide the tenants with valuable space immediately adjacent to their front door. Circulation was carefully considered to increase access to the retail frontage and office towers while also creating a vibrant public space to attract and retain users. Additionally, we strategically placed event spaces to provide the client with opportunities to expand the number of programmed activities throughout the year and increase pedestrian traffic to provide further incentives for corporate tenants. The project opened to the public in November 2019.

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LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: Lincoln Property Company
SIZE: 4.5. Acres
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Renovation of former Corporate Campus. Vibrant Retail Corridor. Expansive Public Outdoor Green Space. Outdoor Lounge Areas. Flexible Event Lawns. Outdoor Work-Enables Spaces. Outdoor Dining Terraces. Water Features.
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