Celebrating the Grand Opening of the Houston Botanic Gardens


Celebrating the Grand Opening of the Houston Botanic Gardens

The Clark Condon team was thrilled to participate in the Grand Opening of The Houston Botanical Gardens last Thursday, September 17, 2020. Bordered by Sims Bayou and home of former Glenbrook Valley Golf Course, the gardens integrate Houston’s waterways and complement the natural landscape of the site. The generations-old oak trees and inviting gardens make you forget about the hustle of the city and submerge you into a personal experience with nature.

Clark Condon worked alongside lead landscape architect West 8 on this exciting project as a part of the design team from the Master Plan through Construction Phase Services.

This 120-acre site is filled with educational opportunities, event spaces, observation decks reflection spaces. There are 2.5 miles of walking trails, ample seating for rest and reflection, a 380-foot shaded sidewalk featuring 21 distinctive alcoves, and a sleek Welcome Pavilion.

There are eight facets to the park design, each with an educational component.  The park includes a global collection garden, discovery garden (complete with water and nature play areas), a culinary garden, stormwater wetland ecosystem, coastal prairie ecosystem, pine grove, community garden, and woodland glade.

“When you come to the garden, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful natural place with wonderful plants and a gorgeous setting to be outdoors,” says  Claudia G. Vassar, Houston Botanic Garden’s president and general counsel. “Also, a place for inspiration and education, a place to learn about plants, to be curious about our natural ecosystem and what our part is in order to take care of plants and this beautiful planet.”

Through engaging and interactive programming, the Gardens will become a destination filled with serenity, education, and immersion into an extensive biodiversity of plants. This portion of the garden opens after nearly two years of construction.

More details on visiting Houston Botanic Garden can be found here.

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