Celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month

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April is World Landscape Architecture month, which is hosted by the American Society of Landscape Architects every year to bring awareness to the profession. Over the past several weeks, we have featured five of our projects on Facebook and Instagram, walking you through the process for each. Below is a summary of these projects, detailing how we go from the early visioning stages to the ribbon cutting. We hope you enjoy this in-depth look into the process that is crucial for a successful project.

Founders Park at The Woodlands Hills

Location: Conroe, Texas

To start the design process, we focused heavily on the park program and master plan for the site. Defining these components allowed us to site amenities based on the topography and general flow for the park.

Through detailed design we work through every area of the park; identifying programming, connections, and building the character. We look at the space in multiple dimensions and imagine what it will be when built.

Through detailed design we work through every area of the park; identifying programming, connections, and building the character. We look at the space in multiple dimensions and imagine what it will be when built.

By following the design process, we were able to deliver a park for the community to enjoy, gather and celebrate. Founders Park connects users to nature, education, culture and recreation while preserving and celebrating the natural landform and forest of the site.


Location: Houston, Texas

With our boots on the ground, we are able to assess the site conditions and understand drainage patterns, vegetation, and key site features to name a few. With a thorough documentation process, we can capture all of our site analysis and begin to understand the opportunities and constraints of the project site.

At the start of the project we looked for inspiration to inform the design and a lot of that was found in the beauty of nature that surrounds us at Halls Bayou. Drawing on this, we chose to feature the numerous plant species we found during our site walks. The patterns found in nature were infused into the color and patterns of the gateway features, paving, and benches.

The devil's in the details, therefore actively participating in construction administration allows us to ensure our design vision comes to life. Reviewing concrete formwork, mockups, and installations are just a few of the items we observe during construction.

The greenway is 6 miles in length and connects to existing trails, creating a continuous greenway stretching 12 miles. Along its length, the Halls Bayou Greenway connects a number of neighborhoods, schools, community centers, churches and commercial areas. Halls Bayou is now a major attraction to the local community and provides recreational opportunities for local residents, as well as citizens of the greater Houston area.


Location: Houston, Texas

As a large mixed-use and corporate campus, public space comes at a premium. Our initial efforts explored identifying the underutilized spaces of the campus for reclamation, including unused parking.

Our design intent is consistent in the pursuit of creating thoughtful, well-rounded spaces programmed for a multitude of users and experiences.

Construction observation is at the heart of any design coming to life. In particular on this project was the constant observation and health of large, existing oak trees which were the gems of the site.

The 70,000 square feet, former Exxon Mobil campus was transformed into a vibrant retail corridor dubbed CityNorth. The extensive landscape improvements include expanded public green space, outdoor lounge areas and flexible event lawns. Outdoor work-enabled spaces provide campus tenants with areas for mobile work, remote meetings and group presentations.


Location: Richmond, Texas

Research is key; Drawing from historic roots of an area can truly inform the theme and atmosphere of a space. Celebrating that history through reflections within a community can allow people to feel connected to their environment. Veranda reflects the rich heritage of Downtown Richmond, Texas, located within the heart of Fort Bend County, close to Brazos River and the birthplace of the County.

Design translates into several different facets within a master-planned community. Creating the theme and brand, and holding true to it throughout all elements of the hardscape and landscape is key! Veranda features rich architecture nodding to the historic forms of the area and showcases a garden-style landscape throughout.

Coordination within a construction project is vital to its success. The unique challenge of a large community is the multiple different disciplines of design and construction all working congruently and simultaneously. Careful observation and detailed scheduling is a must!

Through dedication to the process from beginning to end, a  brand-new community is born. One of the greatest joys for a designer is to see the satisfaction of the client and the end-user. In Veranda, the community is celebrated by all!


Location: Houston, Texas

The Hobby Area Management District has a rich history in aviation, transportation, and historic, mid-century, modern neighborhoods. Working collaboratively with the District and a graphic design consultant, we implemented a new comprehensive identity from a color palette, logo and gateway markers to wayfinding and signage.

As a gateway to the city from William P. Hobby Airport, Broadway Boulevard required a complete transformation, including enhancement of the streetscapes. The design for these enhancements improved aesthetics along the corridor but also improved pedestrian mobility through new sidewalks, bus shelters, landscape, and new street lighting.

Successful construction hinges on trust, respect, and collaboration within the entire project team to deliver a successful, beautiful project on time and in budget.

Through a successful Public Private Partnership, Broadway Boulevard was transformed into a beautiful gateway corridor for the city. This comprehensive, multi-faceted project protected over 100 mature trees, improved pedestrian mobility through the installation of new sidewalks and bus shelters, and increased visibility with new LED-efficient streetlights and wayfinding signage.

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