Camden | Post Oak

Clark Condon worked with Camden Development to renovate the existing Camden Post Oak property. The main focus of the redesign was the front entry and the residential amenities, including the pool and lounge area. We redesigned the front entry to be more welcoming and open with fresh materials, planting, and accessibility within the surrounding area. Located in a busy area near the Galleria, it was important to improve connectivity to restaurants, retail and public transportation. The front entry includes custom paving, a temporary parking area and a new circular drop off. The pool and lounge area was reimagined and refreshed with new lighting, materials, plantings, paving, furniture and two fountains. A large covered patio and outdoor kitchen with a fire pit was added to further enhance the space.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas
CLIENT: Camden Property Trust
SIZE: 1.5 Acres
SERVICES: Design through CA
HIGHLIGHTS: Renovation. Redesign of Front Entry. Residential Amenities. Pool. Lounge Area. Improved Connectivity. Custom Paving. Lighting. Fountains. Outdoor Kitchen. Large Covered Patio.
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