Clark Condon Awarded Second Place in International Design Competition


We participated in the international [DUBLIN] Contemporary Footbridge competition hosted by the Architectural Competition-Concours d’Architecture [AC-CA]. The objective was to design a new Contemporary Footbridge in the docks area of Dublin over the River Liffey that would become a symbol for the city.

Our design concept, Dub Hub bridge, connects historic and contemporary Dublin with a pedestrian hotspot centered over the Liffey. Urban park space is shaped by rolling undulations reminiscent of the hilly Irish central lowlands. Native Plants and grasses are integrated with stepped stone terraces mimicking geology of coastal Ireland. Pedestrians may cross the bridge by navigating a variety of paths through endemic Eco-regions, or take advantage of mobile charging stations, Wi-Fi, and massive Ribbon Display panel.

Users bring the bridge to life via social media with real-time messages, image and videos appearing on the LED ribbon. Recreational access to the River below is provided by a series of steps descending to the waters edge. Night time experience of Dublin is dramatically enhanced by the vivid displays of light reflecting off the river.

DUB HUB bridges more than just old and new Dublin by keeping the city connected to a rapidly changing world.

The [AC-CA] focuses on initiating progressive competitions with cash prizes and publishing the winners. The competitions provoke, excite, inspire and stimulate creative ideas and innovation in architects and participants alike.

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