Clark Condon Associates Supports ParksByYou


Clark Condon Associates endorses the Parks By You initiative aimed at acquiring, improving and creating continuous parks and trails along this City’s bayous for the benefit of all Houstonians, and for improving and existing neighborhood parks and green spaces.

Study after study has shown that there is real economic, environmental, and public health benefits to enhancing open, green space throughout major cities.  This initiative will improve health and safety, build stronger neighborhoods, boost our competitiveness, and compliment ongoing efforts that enhance water quality and flood control.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of an idea to unite Houston’s bayous through a series of linear parks and paths.  First conceived in 1912, a legendary landscape architect realized that Houston’s greatest natural resource appeared in the bayous throughout the city.  His proposal, much simpler at the time, is now best imagined as green ribbons along our bayous, connecting Houston’s great parks.  Houston is fortunate to have had generations of citizens who realized they needed to save land for parks for their children and grandchildren.  But now, to complete a united vision for Houston, today’s citizens must support a remarkable plan that will create green space along all seven bayous within the City limits.

As the leaders of our city, it is our responsibility to carry on this work, carving out open space for Houston’s future by continuing to enhance the green ribbons envisioned a century ago.  Through the City’s bond initiative this November, Houston can take a giant step forward towards realizing this vision.  Together, we can help Houston lead the nation in this important work and improve this great city.  Visit ParkByYou.

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